Who Are We?

Teamtime International is established by a team of enthusiastic HR specialists with over 20 years extensive experience in the field of Human resource management, change management, executive coaching and training.  

The company operates on the internal Bulgarian and German markets and through its offices in Bulgaria and Germany covers projects on European markets. The services are in the area of HR organizational consulting, change management, HR innovation and HR digitalization, training and development, executive coaching, executive search, etc. 

We provide tailored solutions supporting the work of top and middle managers, HR specialists andcompany departments managing change and innovation processes, talent search and talent development. We provide high quality supporting products and services that will alleviate the administrative and organizational load of managers developing people and changing company routines:

Our corporate consulting projects encompass wide range of services facilitating and steering challenging projects such as restructuring, expanding, integrating new HR systems, entering new markets, digitalization, innovation and change management. 

Our  soft skills training programs guarantee sustainable change in leadership behavior,attitudes and resistance. They  inspire and engage company key people to become active change agents in their own personal and company development.

Our individual and group executiveand change management coaching support management and enterpreneurs in tough decision making, challenging interpersonal and team relations, difficult life and work transitions. They increase life energy and motivation, bring inspiration and enthusiasm for accomplishing goals.

Our Team

Project Managers

Marionela Bojkova.jpg

Marionela Bojkova, PCC

Manager International Markets, Executive Coach & Change Management Trainer

Marionela Bojkova is a highly qualified Human Resources Management Consultant with extensive expertise in coaching and people development projects in different European countries. Her specialization as a consultant in the last years is in Multinational companies in Service, Energy and Production sectors in projects of Executive coaching, Teams Leadership competencies programs; Change Management and Management Performance enhancement trainings.

She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Member of the ICF Germany. She has over 900 Individual executive coaching hours of experience with Top and Middle level managers and key people and over a hundred of seminars and workshops in Soft Skills development. Marionela Bojkova has graduated Erickson International Canada ICF – Accredited Coach Training Program. She is Ericksonian Professional Certified Coach.

During her HR Director positions in large companies Ms. Bojkova has accumulated valuable organizational expertise and experience in HR management and people development fields, which she successfully incorporates in the preparation of her training projects. Managing the processes of planning, organization, change implementation, search and selection, performance appraisal, assessment/development centers, structuring of organizations' people management (HR) systems is a solid base for better tailoring the programs to the specific organizational needs of every client.

Marionela is certified trainer on soft skills management trainings, certified expert of the system for psychometric analysis „MBTI ® - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” and certified consultant in Thomas International Management (DISC) Systems.

Ms. Bojkova is a holder of the yearly HR Management Award for 2006 of the Bulgarian Human Resources Management and Development Association.


Nora Stefanova

Senior HR Consultant, Country Manager Bulgaria, International Trainer

Ms. Stefanova is currently Country Manager for Bulgarian market in Teamtime International Ltd. being responsible for the business development of the company and its prospects’ expansion. She has a successful track record over the years as a project manager and senior consultant on a big variety of projects within the Human Resource field: training & development programmes; executive search projects; assessment centers; consultancy projects in HR audit and elaboration of procedures for performance appraisal, internal communication, HR policies strategizing, as well as in HR outsourcing. She has participated in the planning, organization and conducting of massive teambuilding events organized for Bulgarian and International companies.

Ms. Stefanova has a diverse experience in both internal and external projects, related to HR marketing, dissemination and exploitation of project and organizational results, external HR communication and other services supporting the organizational and employer branding of clients. During the last years she has developed and delivered several international trainings in Hungary, Malta, Italy and Cyprus, improving organizations’ ability to better build and promote their image from people’s perspective. 

Ms. Stefanova has graduated as Human Resource Manager in the University of Barcelona. She has an years-long practical experience in elaborating and coordinating EU projects in the field of capacity building of organizations, teams and individuals, advocacy, adults learning and non-formal education, as well as in the process of attracting and developing talents within EU projects in Bulgaria and abroad. She has over 10 years of experience mentoring foreign citizens working within long-term projects in Bulgaria.

Ms. Stefanova takes part in the official pool of trainers of the Human Resource Development Center, part of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education.


Konstantinos Stergiou.jpg

Konstantinos Stergiou
International Trainer

Konstantinos Stergiou is an Economist, holding a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in the field of Economics of Education and currently Ph.D. candidate in the University of Western Macedonia (UOWM) in Greece, focused on the research of efficiency and effectiveness of the Greek educational system.

He has accomplished great number of trainings as International Trainer using high standard education methods focused on the topics of Entrepreneurship and Social Economy, Creativity and Innovation, Key Managerial competences and Employment.

He has 8 years of experience on project development and project management mainly in projects financed from the European Commission.

Atanas Genkov_2.jpg

Atanas Genkov
International Trainer and Coach

Atanas Genkov has 10 years of international experience in coaching, designing and delivering training courses on personal development, leadership, sustainability and soft skills, such as communication skills, team work, time management, presentation skills and decision making.

He has developed and delivered over 200 trainings in more than 30 countries around the world, amongst them: The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and Kenya.

His approach towards sustainability involves working with the bigger system and he aims at change and transformation at both personal and professional level.

Simona Trifonova.jpg

Simona Trifonova
Trainer and Coordinator

Simona Trifonova is  HR activities coordinator and trainer  with experience in executing complex coordinative technical and administrative tasks regarding various HR projects and HR activities, including in the areas of client relations, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, HR-Audit, etc;

She’s also an experienced Teambuilding trainer and events organizer. She has been a trainer of young multicultural teams and is responsible for creating innovative and fun out-of-the-box activities for corporate clients.

Carla Benedetti.jpg

Carla Benedetti
International Trainer and Coach. Mentor Coach (Associate Trainer)

Carla Benedetti is a Trainer and PCC member of the ICF (International Coach Federation); member of the Board of Directors of ICF Italian Chapter in 2012 – 2013.

Her areas of expertise as coach and trainer include: workforce transformation; entrepreneurship innovation; goal setting training; leadership and organizational development.

She conducts specific Soft Skills Training that involves the art of theatre, proven to be a great source of learning and inspiration.Her active involvement in the promotion of Coaching includes Social Coaching Projects she has designed for Public Institutions in Italy.


Desislava Nikolaeva
Trainer and Coach

Desislava Nikolaeva has 7 years of experience in team management and sales in international organizations in Bulgaria. She has been training and developing teams in the field of corporate sales and trade. Ms. Nikolaeva participated in the planning, organization and conducting of teambuilding events and training of over 20 companies.

She has taken a 6 month intensive Coach training program and follow up coaching practice and mentoring with one of the few in Bulgaria Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) - Marionela Bojkova.


Stanislav Hristov
Trainer and Coach

Stanislav Hristov holds a Master’s degree of Economics and in his career advancement he has acquired rich managerial skills in the field of trade and expertise. He has a successful professional experience in a long list of Human Resource projects: programs for staff training and development, recruitment and selection of qualified specialists, HR outsourcing, assessment centers, consulting projects in the field of HR audit and performance evaluation.

He has taken part  in trainings in a wide range of topics and managed the planning, organization and the execution of grand team building events for Bulgarian and international companies.

Laszlo Kaczur.jpg

Laszlo Kaczur
Specialst and Management, Sales, Sales Development and HR Development (Associate trainer)

Laszlo Kaczur has 22 years of experience in multinational environment in Central and Western Europe, Middle and Far East including 15 years’ experience in training and development.

He spent most of his career in multinational companies where he held positions in sales, sales development, training and organizational development.

He has a solid background in training from strategy development through working out seminar methodologies to conduction of classroom as well as field training and coaching.


Trayan Trifonov
Consultant IT & Digitalization

Trayan Trifonov has a solid background in designing, configuring and installing software, hardware and telecommunication systems and equipment. He has several years of experience in leading a variety of IT projects. He has experience in projects of auditing and improving the hardware and software systems, overseeing updates and system testing, hiring and managing an IT staff, and creating and updating  IT training materials.

The unique combination of Human Resource Management knowledge and IT background make him valuable support in HR projects connected with change management and digitalization.